The Biblical Studies program prepares individuals for a career in a variety of ministries in the Christian church, Christian education, the mission field, social work and services, media and technology, and chaplaincy work. The Biblical Studies Department offers courses in Biblical Studies proper—including both Old Testament and New Testament, Christian Ministry, Church History, and Christian Theology. The program of study includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies.

There are currently three concentrations, including Church Leadership, Christian Counseling and Urban Ministry. A seminary track is also available for those who desire preparation for graduate school in ministry which includes a study of the original languages of the Bible.

Church Leadership

This program is an introduction to various aspects of church leadership, including church administration, leadership & integrity, preaching, pastoral care, counseling, and family ministry in a local church setting.

BSCM 224 Pastoral Ministry
BSCM 253 Nehemiah
BUSM 307 Leading Non-Profit Organizations
MGMT 303 Principles of Leadership

Christian Counseling

This program emphasizes the counseling aspects of ministry, including counseling methods, Christian peacemaking, multicultural counseling
and emotional intelligence.

PSYC 102 Biblical Basis for Psychology and Counseling
BSCM 425 Youth and Family Counseling
PSYC 406 Christian Peacemaking
COUN 301 Counseling Methods

Urban Ministry

A concentration in urban ministry focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of ministry in an urban setting, including racial and ethnic diversity,
multicultural ministry, discipleship, and social consciousness.

BSCM 245 Urban Ministry
CHHS 320 The Church in Global Context
SOCI 220 Racial and Ethnic Diversity
BSCM 253 Nehemiah

Financial Policies and Procedures

Pillar College is committed to providing an excellent cost-effective education for its students. Tuition and fee rates, payable each semester, are set annually according to economic conditions within the college and industry standards.


Annual Full Time Student Tuition (Domestic)


 Annual Full Time Student Tuition (International)


Block Rate (12-17 credits per semester)
*Block rate is not available to LEAD, Online and Independent-study courses; International student tuition up to 15 credits maximum


Per credit rate (11 or less; 18 or more credits per semester); all Online and Independent Study Courses are charged at per credit rate


Audit rate per credit


Dual Enrollment (DEED) program per course (not per credit), taken at Pillar College
Dual Enrollment (DEED) program per course (not per credit), taken at local high school
Developmental Courses (ESL and courses below 100 level) per credit

Note: For International Students Tuition Rates please see the International Student Admissions page.

Note: For the LEAD program, tuition is determined at the cohort start date and remains the same for the duration of that program. Courses taken outside of the LEAD program are charged at then current tuition rates.  Enrollment in a LEAD term financially obligates the student for the entire four class semester. General Semester Fees.  All Fees are non-refundable.