Dear Friends,

Thanks to the support of you, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends, Pillar College remains strong and vibrant in these uncertain days.  While most U. S. colleges are experiencing 20-30% loss of enrollment, Pillar is continuing to grow.

To be sure, life at Pillar College looks a little different this year. No one doubts that even before the Coronavirus pandemic, the winds of change in higher education were turbulent, to say the least. Cost of education, admission scandals, new delivery models, campus crime, college closures, and shrinking employment options have been in the news daily. Pillar College has been an interested bystander to much of this, but the winds of change will not allow us to remain static. It’s time for a makeover for Pillar College!

A Chinese proverb says, “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls; others build windmills.” Pillar College chooses windmills. We are excited to introduce our new vision, Windmills of Change. During the months of COVID-19, we have envisioned and are planning many more career-friendly majors, new delivery methods, new faculty and staff, new relational networks, and new funding potential. But, mostly, Windmills of Change will include new opportunities for thousands of students.

Through Windmills of Change, Pillar will provide more students with profitable careers, blessing communities and businesses with Christ-empowered employees. (Please see the Windmills of Change document attached for full details.)

Would you be willing to help us with this makeover? In addition to continuing our generous support for students, developing the new majors and programs requires funds we trust you and other friends will be inspired to give.

As you navigate your own path through the uncertainties of this year, I hope you will give at the level that will give you joy. Best wishes to you and your family and thank you for helping.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. David Schroeder


Please see the Windmills of Change document below for full details :