Welcome to the Pillar College Alumni Association!

This network will allow you to stay connected with Pillar College and each other. The purpose of the Pillar College Alumni Association is to gather a community of transformational leaders and graduates of Pillar College who provide financial support, volunteerism, and ambassadorship ensuring the continued growth of the mission.


Your partnership provides opportunities for you and current students. When you confirm your membership to the PC Alumni Association you will receive:

  • Pillar College Car Decal
  • Pillar Graduation Alumni Chord
  • PC Tumbler
  • PC Alumni Grant of $500 to offer a potential student
  • PC Alumni Grant of $1200 when you join a Graduate program
  • Invitation to all networking events hosted by Pillar College
  • A free course every year that you can use for professional development
  • Use your PC Alumni card to receive additional discounts on gear, certificate programs and more!


When you join the Association you are supporting the mission and ensuring future students can hear of your Pillar experience and transformational story and provide the encouragement they need to reach their goals and impact society. You are committing to:

  • Support the college financially
  • Volunteer at events like graduation, baccalaureate, convocation, Admissions Info Sessions, Open Houses, Pastors’ Appreciation Breakfast, Donor Appreciation events and Alumni gatherings whenever possible.
  • Support annual mentoring program by accepting interns and providing work opportunities and attending Alumni/Students networking events whenever possible.
  • Represent Pillar College as a PC Ambassador. Be a spokesperson at my local church, events or concerts to support the promotion of Pillar College to new potential students and donors whenever possible.
  • Participate in Alumni Spotlight on Pillar website by providing your success story
  • Participate in social media channels by liking the pages and sharing your professional updates

TO JOIN AND SUPPORT YOUR ALMA MATER, complete the application and the payment form below: