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Welcome, Pillar College Alumni!

The Pillar College Alumni Association network will allow you to stay connected with Pillar College and each other. The purpose of the Pillar College Alumni Association is to gather a community of transformational leaders and graduates of Pillar College who provide financial support, volunteerism, and ambassadorship ensuring the continued growth of the College’s mission.

Join our network and stay connected with Pillar College, and your former classmates.

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Your partnership provides opportunities for you and current students. When you confirm your membership to the PC Alumni Association you will receive:

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When you join the Pillar College Alumni Association you are supporting the mission and ensuring future students can learn from your Pillar experience and transformational story. You will be providing the encouragement they need to reach their goals and impact society. You are committing to:

Join and Support your Alma Mater

For more information please email Shelly Bell, Director of Alumni Association at [email protected]

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