Welcome to the Registrar’s Office of Pillar College
The purpose of the Office of the Registrar is to preserve the accuracy and integrity of student academic records and the Pillar College degree in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and to regulate and enforce academic policies and procedures. Central to these responsibilities is the need to maintain record security and privacy.

We strive to respond to inquiries accurately and promptly, to offer helpful assistance, and to treat our clientele respectfully and with professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness of service. In doing so, we hope to model the Pillar College mission to “educate, inspire and equip” in our interactions with every individual in the entire community (including but not limited to our students, faculty and staff) through each of the following functions:

  • Administering academic policies
  • Course selection and offerings
  • Preparing the college catalogue each year
  • Degree audit and graduation certification
  • Academic transcript evaluation and processing
  • Custodial responsibility for academic records
  • Data generation for agencies on and off campus
  • Scheduling of courses

If you have questions regarding transfer credits, scheduling or your degree progress, please email Brian Schroeder, Registrar to request an appointment. Before viewing the course schedule, please read the chart below to understand how terms are divided.

2018 Fall Semester

TermCourse DeliveryEarly Registration DeadlineStart DateEnd Date
2018 Fall 9ATraditional 9 week And Online courses4/15/188/4/1810/7/18
2018 Fall 15Traditional 15 week4/15/188/27/1812/16/18
2018 Fall BLBLEND Program4/15/188/27/1812/16/18
2018 Fall 9BTraditional 9 week And Online courses8/1/1810/9/1812/15/18

Note to Students: Students enrolling in 9-week terms must register for both consecutive Trad-9 terms at the beginning of the semester in order to receive financial aid. Traditional Schedules: (All files in .PDF format)

Online Course Offerings

Course Schedule: Online Courses PDF