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Welcome to the Pillar College School of Leadership and Business. We understand the unique needs and aspirations of adult learners who work in leadership roles or as individual contributors. We design our education and training programs to equip you as a businessperson or leader to deliver extraordinary results. We strategically developed our curriculum to address daily real-world challenges that leaders face from a Christian worldview. We go beyond theoretical concepts, providing practical insights and skills to apply immediately to your workplace.


We believe in cultivating leaders who don’t just manage teams but inspire them to achieve leadership effectiveness as Christ did. We also cultivate businesspeople with the acumen to flourish in their respective roles. Our learning experience will be a stepping-stone toward transforming your environment, whether you lead or are in a supportive position. Effectiveness extends beyond individual achievements and fosters a culture of excellence that permeates your setting. Join our community of growing leaders and businesspeople who share your passion for excellence. Elevate your skills, expand your influence, and support and lead ethically with a vision that transforms not only your career but the entire landscape of the setting in which you work or serve. We are your partner in achieving extraordinary results and impacting the lives of everyone you lead and support.

Clinton Parker, III., Ph.D.

Dean, School of Leadership and Business, Assistant Professor

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BA Business Admin


The mission of the Business Administration and Management program is to promote our students’ intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth, to educate them in business and business and leadership principles, and to prepare them to be transformational leaders in business, entrepreneurial ventures, nonprofits, and ministry organizations. Business Administration and Management embraces a Christian worldview and encompasses the full array of organizational management and leadership curricula, including introduction to business administration, marketing, management/administration, finance, strategic planning, and leadership theories.


  • Versatility. This degree leads to many career opportunities in a variety of industries where their management and organizational leadership skills can be applied. .
  • The courses are a foundation to the study the Master of Business Administration Social Sector Management and the Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership. .
  • Skills for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students and graduates of the program have gone on to create and lead successful enterprises..

Upon completion of the BA in Business Administration and Management, the student will be able to do the following:

  • Evaluate ethical challenges in management from a Christian worldview, considering their impact on organizational decision-making to make the right moves.
  • Work effectively in teams.
  • Employ critical thinking to analyze and resolve problems and communicate effectively with diverse organizational stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Integrate managerial concepts, Christian leadership principles, and theories by solving complex organizational and leadership challenges.
  • Analyze issues, create business analyses, and propose actionable strategies for management decisions.

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership provides the foundational knowledge and practical skills to emerge as a prepared and qualified leader who can influence change, inspire others, and deliver positive results for any organization. 

This fully online program will prepare you to effectively manage the issues you will likely face as a leader or manager in today’s workplace. The following outcomes are expected. You can: 

  • Understand the role and functions of leadership in organizations. 
  • Identify emotional and behavioral competencies to manage relationships and get things done  
  • Recognize the organizational structures and their impact on worker performance.  
  • Examine the foundations for different leadership approaches. 
  • Discover the managerial and supervisory behaviors of successful leaders. 
  • Learn appropriate strategies for overcoming obstacles to organizational performance problems. 

Concentration in Management

The Management concentration is ideal for students interested in a wide variety of industries and company types. Students studying Management will be prepared for an assortment of career possibilities, including Human Resources, Retail Management, and Banking & Finance. Challenging classes and a practical internship provide both hands-on experience and well-rounded business education.

Required Courses:

  1. MGMT 303 | Principles of Leadership (3 Credits)
  2. BUSM 304 | Project Management (3 Credits)
  3. BUSM 405 | International Business (3 Credits)
  4. MGMT 440 | Human Resource management (3 Credits)
  5. TBD | Department Elective | 3 Credits

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MBA Social Sector Management


Take the Reins and Lead Humanitarian, Faith-Based, or Community Organizations with an MBA Degree in Social Sector Management.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Social Sector Management program is a 14-month program for the full-time student and up to two years for a part-time student. This 39-credit program is delivered entirely online through 8-week course modules. It supports the need for individuals with a unique skill set to serve organizations involved in social entrepreneurship, international humanitarian relief, church or faith-based, chaplaincy, sustainability, healthcare, and emergency and disaster relief. The MBA in Social Sector Management integrates management, strategy, ethics, and organizational leadership.   

Core Curriculum Courses

  • ACCTW 560 | Managerial Accounting for Nonprofits (3 Credits) 
  • BUSMW 505 | Professional Assessment & Seminar I (3 Credits) 
  • BUSMW 520 | Managing Human Service Agencies (3 Credits) 
  • BUSMW 540 | Social Entrepreneurship (3 Credits) 
  • BUSMW 560 | Global Business and Management Operations (3 Credits) 
  • BUSMW 605 | Professional Assessment & Seminar II (3 Credits) 
  • BUSMW 670 Integrated Project-Based Capstone III (3 Credits) 
  • CHHSW 511 | Special Topics in the Church and Social Justice (3 Credits) 
  • IBUSW 601 | Intercultural and Social Competence (3 Credits) 
  • MGMTW 541 | Human Resource Strategy and Organizational Structure (3 Credits) 
  • MGMTW 545 | Online Technology and Management (3 Credits) 
  • MGMTW 560 | Ethics for Social Services (3 Credits) 
  • MGMTW 620 | Strategic and Tactical Planning in the Social Sector (3 Credits) 

The MBA in Social Sector Management Program is designed to prepare graduates for careers in a variety of settings including, but not limited to: 

  • Hospitality Management 
  • Humanitarian-Aid 
  • Resettlement Services 
  • Community and Economic Development 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Workforce Development 
  • Healthcare 
  • Varying positions in For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Social Sector Entities 
  • Competitive Non-Profit 
  • Agency and Business Arenas 
  • Rescue Missions 
  • Service Corps 
  • Faith-Based Charities 
  • Mission Agencies 
  • National and International Emergency Management Agencies