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Women's History Month – Featuring Joan Martin

Joan was employed for twenty years in the Telecommunications Industry precisely AT&T and Telcordia Technologies. After being downsized, she provided Consulting Services to leading Pharmaceutical Companies for a number of years. In 2015, Joan became a full-time employee of Johnson & Johnson where she serves as a Technical Communicator on High Profile life Sciences (Pharmaceutical and Medical Device) industry projects. Joan obtained a B.A. Degree in Business Administration/Organizational Leadership from Pillar College. Additionally, Joan holds several Certifications from Kean University. Most recently, Joan completed the Graduate Certificate, Technical Communications Essential Certification from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Currently, Joan is attending Seton Hall University School of Law pursuing her Graduate Degree.
Pillar College has impacted my life in many significant ways. These influences have been both educational and spiritual. One of the things I loved about Pillar is the curriculum is suitable and comparable to other institutions in academia.
Additionally, Pillar simultaneously helped my Biblical understandings thus increasing my spiritual knowledge. Specifically, as one that enjoys writing, I liked that Pillar evaluated our learning based on term papers as opposed to tests and especially final exam(s). @ Moreover, I adored that Pillar supported older, non-traditional students returning to college with the one day a week cohort approach. This schedule really supports home/life and work balance which helped tremendously. Furthermore, the size of cohort was great allowing a very low student to faculty ratio ensuring that students received the highest quality educational experience. I enjoyed my cohort and we encouraged one another when things got difficult and somewhat overwhelming to stick with it. Pillar is a great college. As a proud alumna, I would recommend Pillar to prospective students. Lastly, as a result of obtaining my B.A. degree from Pillar, my career has really benefited. I have received promotion(s) on my job. Currently, I am pursuing my graduate degree