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Women's History Month – Featuring Elizabeth Schroeder

Elizabeth Schroeder, born as a New Yorker, had the privilege of being in ministry most of her adult life. She has been in leadership roles in churches, mission organizations (as Dr. Dobson’s Administrative Assistant at Focus on the Family), and at Nyack College and Pillar College. Spiritual Formation is Elizabeth’s first love as she says it helps to facilitate healing in a person’s life as hindrances are exposed to Jesus’ healing power.
“Pillar College’s uniqueness of being the only Christ-centered, Biblically-based college in New Jersey, is a gift that I treasure. Realizing we’re in spiritual warfare, we as Pillar College administration, staff and faculty help to nurture and validate our student’s desire for transformation so they can impact their local communities for Christ.
Being at Pillar College provides opportunities for growth, especially in the Financial Aid department where we encounter a variety of life situations of students. God continually is faithful in providing creative answers and resources. Financial aid is a sensitive element to students. Finding funding to fulfill a dream needs someone who will be a champion both for the institute and for the student. My joy is to see student account closure occur, so that the student doesn’t have to think about their college expenses, but can be in seat hearing from God, contributing to the classroom lectures and developing lifelong friendships with other classmates.
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