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Women History Month – Honoring Samantha Ares

Samantha is responsible for overseeing the function of Human Resources and has implemented several improvements which include restructuring and designing comprehensive HR processes and procedures and developing a performance appraisal and competencies guideline.
Samantha is an active member of SHRM [the Society for Human Resource Management] and has accumulated 12+ years’ experience in Human Resources as well as being a Certified EQ-I Coach for The Center for Emotional & Spiritual Development.
What Does Pillar Meant to You?: Pillar College has impacted my life and I am privileged to serve here. Our diversity and ability to embrace change has opened opportunities for many cultural and denominational backgrounds and I am proof of that; a tall Puerto Rican Pentecostal Woman. Working with such a dedicated staff and faculty who desire excellence in all they do has thrust me into a new understanding of commitment and joy for service to people and God. At Pillar College we put prayer at the forefront of all we do. It causes a stirring in the atmosphere that allows the Holy Spirit to bring forth a near palpable synergy that brings change and transformation … and our students can feel it! We cannot change behavior if we have not first changed the mind.

Pillar College will have virtual instruction and work remotely from January 3, 2022, and will resume in-person instruction and in-office work on January 18, 2022.