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Women History Month – Honoring Samantha Ares

Samantha is responsible for overseeing the function of Human Resources and has implemented several improvements which include restructuring and designing comprehensive HR processes and procedures and developing a performance appraisal and competencies guideline.
Samantha is an active member of SHRM [the Society for Human Resource Management] and has accumulated 12+ years’ experience in Human Resources as well as being a Certified EQ-I Coach for The Center for Emotional & Spiritual Development.
What Does Pillar Meant to You?: Pillar College has impacted my life and I am privileged to serve here. Our diversity and ability to embrace change has opened opportunities for many cultural and denominational backgrounds and I am proof of that; a tall Puerto Rican Pentecostal Woman. Working with such a dedicated staff and faculty who desire excellence in all they do has thrust me into a new understanding of commitment and joy for service to people and God. At Pillar College we put prayer at the forefront of all we do. It causes a stirring in the atmosphere that allows the Holy Spirit to bring forth a near palpable synergy that brings change and transformation … and our students can feel it! We cannot change behavior if we have not first changed the mind.