Meet Our Directors

Director of P.A.C.E. & Church Partnerships

Director of Winning Women

Who We Are

Welcome to Pillar College where we are dedicated to helping you pursue God’s purpose and your passions in higher education.  Pillar is an undergraduate institution of higher learning that is faithful to classical Christianity, grounded on the authority of God’s Word, and committed to challenging Christians to serve Christ with passion and purpose.  As He came into the world to serve God and humanity, you also are invited to learn how to invest your life to make a lasting impact on our world.


Fulfill your vision through taking one of the Pillar Academy of Continuing Education (P.A.C.E) certificate programs offered by Pillar College.  A unique aspect of Pillar Academy of Continuing Education (P.A.C.E) certificate programs is that they begin with you.  We do not offer a one-size-fits-all program.  We begin by finding out how you are wired to lead and serve, and then we encourage you to enroll in one of our courses.

Purpose of the Course

To equip and build up women spiritually and practically, so that they can live empowered lives and rise above their circumstances and begin the journey of building themselves up to be the women that God has meant them to be, and in so doing eventually become phenomenal mentors of other women.

Mission Statement

To inspire, equip and empower women for excellence in character, service, and leadership.

Vision Statement

Empowering women to discover, develop, and pursue their divine purpose by valuing God and our relationship with Him, self and others, and doing so in a spirit of excellence in order to become restored, transformed, and empowered.

Our Values

We value excellence in all things:

Our relationship with

God, self, and  others

Discipleship and service

Restoration and maturation

Transformation and empowerment

Commitment and consistency

Respect and Trust

Accountability and Integrity




Starting September 9th, 2017


DEADLINE: August 16, 2017