The Student Government seeks to fairly represent the interests and concerns of each member of the student body.

Its purpose is to provide efficient and effective addressing of needs within the student body of the College, to uphold the code of conduct of the community, and to initiate positive activities and programs for the benefit of Pillar students. The Student Government, working in close cooperation with the Vice-President of Student Life and Director of Spiritual Formation, brings the students as a community into a closer and more vital relationship with the rest of the College community. Every semester the S.G.A. plans, organizes, and implements several events and activities that cultivate fellowship, strengthen community, and boost student morale. Activities may include: retreats, sports, corporate worship, devotionals, talent shows, or workshops.

Student Government Association (S.G.A.) Advisor

Nishanth Thomas (Director of Spiritual Formation) is also the Student Government Association Advisor for Pillar College, and can be contacted in regard to the S.G.A., Chapels, Student Activities (Newark Campus), Student Body Referral Resources, Spiritual Advisement, and Pastoral Counseling.



973-803-5000 ext. 1115


2016-2017 Student Government Members


Newark Campus

Somerset Campus

President: Naomi Chavanne President: Eddie Sayon
Vice President: Ruth Almonte Vice President: Evelyn Hernandez
Treasurer: Francheska Thomas Treasurer: Michael Overstreet
Secretary: Clarissa Guzman Secretary: Nicole Herbig
Activities Coordinator: Jeida Williams Activities Coordinator: Amber Pachucki
Chapel Coordinator: Ayub Yousaf Chapel Coordinator: Bacilio Alvarado


Do you have a suggestion or concern for the S.G.A.?
Let us know.  We’re here for you!



2016 Student Retreat Group

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