The Office of Student Life seeks to accomplish its mission through cooperative, responsive relationships, programs, services and activities.




The goal of Student Services is to provide supportive, community-oriented services to address the needs of students at Pillar College academically, spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally. Our desire is to become an ever-improving, caring, and equipping community that encourages personal and community health. To accomplish this, we practice cooperation within the community, as well as a network of contacts with professional Christian counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists that work in our area. We also seek to maintain positive and mutually rewarding contact with churches, pastors, and various parachurch ministries.

Students at Pillar College develop incredibly close friendships with one another.  Interactive classes and student led events along with dynamic and interactive classroom settings enhance these relationships.

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Vice-President of Student Engagement

Amy Huber




The Pillar College Ethos and Standard of Conduct