Unsure about going away to college?

Take FALL semester @ Pillar College

An exclusive and affordable opportunity!

Pillar College understands that many 2020 high school graduates will not be able to move forward with their plans to go away to college due to COVID-19. We wanted to help! That’s why we created our ‘START HERE’ SEMESTER program. Pillar College’s annual tuition is $22,000, however, you can take 12 credits for only $6000*, or 15 credits for $7000* during your ‘START HERE’ SEMESTER.

Stay in New Jersey, live at home, take 4 or 5 courses through distance learning or at one of our four sites.

Take advantage of the Fall “START HERE’ SEMESTER  discounted tuition* and earn 12 or 15 transferrable credits in courses you will need.
(*no further discounts or grants offered.)

Attend via distance learning during any quarantine. Once classes can begin on campus, you may opt for a combination of in-seat and distance learning.

We will help you transfer your Pillar College credits to the college of your choice!

Code  Course  Recommendation

COMM-150 Public Speaking CISY-102  Digital Literacy  ENGL-250  American Literature HIST-230  History of the Civil Rights Movement  ESCI-150  Earth Science COMM-250 Intro to Innovation & Creativity BUSM-101  Intro to Business BUSM-201  Business Communications ECON-110  Personal Finance PSYC-101  Intro to Psychology  PSYC-204  Abnormal Psychology