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Rosa M. Canales

Library Services Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty

Rosa Maria Canales is the BLEND Program Coordinator and was recently appointed as the Library Coordinator. Rosa started working at Pillar College as an adjunct professor in the BLEND Program. While working in the BLEND Program, she has seen many students, mostly of Hispanic background, graduate with an associate degree to continue a Bachelor’s in the career of their preference at Pillar College. Rosa has more than ten years of experience teaching the course College Foundation. She has been passionate as an educator. She motivates and encourages her students to work hard to fulfill their professional and spiritual goals.

Rosa has a Master of Library Science from Queens College, Queens, NY, with a Concentration in Archives, Records Management, and Preservation. She did her Internship at the Federal Bank of New York, where she gained valuable experience. She got her Bachelor of Science with a Concentration in Social Work and Bible Studies from Nyack College, Manhattan, NY. While being a student at Nyack College, Rosa had the opportunity to travel to Israel. This trip made a significant change in the way she read the bible now.