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Giselle Llerena, M.Div.

Executive Vice President & VP Enrollment Services

M.Div. Liberty University
B.A. Nyack College

Giselle is a dynamic, goal-oriented leader with over 20 years of leadership experience. She has a broad spectrum of life experiences, hands-on experience directing and working with teams. Her strong interpersonal skills and innate ability to relate to diverse personalities allow her to develop winning teams. Giselle is passionate about transparency and driving groundbreaking concepts to revolutionize change initiatives that exceed expected goals.

As the Vice President of Recruitment and Retention (VPRR), Giselle provides overall leadership and direction for Pillar College’s student recruitment, admissions, financial aid, student services, and retention programs. With the recent development of a multi-year action plan, the college will begin to benefit from incremental growth in enrollment and positive advancement in the College’s retention and graduation rates.

Her goals are to streamline policies in order to admit qualified students and to ensure every student receives excellent customer service from start to finish. She is motivated by graduates! Her prayer is that all graduates become transformational leaders within their communities to the glory of God.