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Amy Huber, M.Ed.

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Engagement

BS Virgina Tech
M.Ed Liberty University

Ms. Huber’s focus in her Academic Affairs role is to strengthen the academic division’s infrastructure, work cooperatively across departments to ensure holistic student success, and pursue strategic academic priorities that position the college for growth and health.

In her oversight of the Student Engagement department, Ms. Huber works alongside a dedicated team committed to understanding the complexities of the diverse, urban student population and offers holistic services that develop students academically, spiritually, socially, and professionally.

She has also served in various roles at Pillar College that include Student Services, Registrar, Assistant Dean of Assessment, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Vice President of Student Engagement. Ms. Huber has worked with leaders and colleagues across the institution to achieve significant milestones at Pillar, which include initial and reaffirmation of regional accreditation, the addition of academic programs at all levels, and the expansion of locations to become a multi-site institution.