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Rev. Cynthia M. Ramsey, MSW

Rev. Cynthia M. Ramsey, MSW
S.C.C. and Rutgers’ Alumni Visions & Pathways Program Manager and Clergy
Bio: I completed SCC Bible Study Associates Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Counseling then completed Rutgers’ Master’s Degree in Social Work: Non-Profit/Public Management.
I am the first one in my family achieving to achieve a Master’s level of education! Best of all, my mother was alive to witness my graduations!
I have been married for more than 25 years to Deacon Prince with five godchildren. Five years ago, I accepted employment at Visions & Pathways, which provides homes for displaced, abused, and homeless teens.
What does Pillar College mean to you? I am grateful for the best staff at SCC! When I started attending classes at Somerset Christian College in Zarephath I had no idea where God was taking me in my life. I knew that God had His hand on me but I needed to be sure of my call to teach and preach the Gospel! Since attending SCC, I am an ordained and licensed reverend @ HOPE Church in Bound Brook, Pastor Rev. Dr. Clifford Wright, Sr.
SCC equipped me for the call: Prayer during class, radical teaching/Chapel, prophetic understanding/knowledge, fellowship in SCC lobby, hallways & parking lot, dedicated advisors/staff like Dr Brix, Prof. Chamberlain, plus Dr. Busch! Also, Godly coffee talk in the bookstore with Sis. Ingrid!
I would like to take the credit and say I chose SCC but the Lord led me to SCC!!!
With God all things are possible. Luke 1:37