Members of the Pillar College Psychology and Counseling Club attended the State of New Jersey Department of Health sponsored conference hosted by the NJ Physicians Advisory Group on October 27th. The full day event was held at Caldwell University with speakers such as Dr. Freda Bush (President/CEO of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health); Ms. Mary Anne Mosack (Exec. Director of ASCEND & President of MC Consulting); and Dr. Lisa Rue (Co-developer of the OPTIONS model of Sexual Risk Assessment) among others. Participants included school health educators, nurses, social workers, counselors, therapists and those training in these disciplines.

The purpose of the conference was to enhance the skills and strengthen the base of information to help today’s young people achieve the highest level of physical and emotional health ( Participants received valuable information regarding life altering behaviors of early sexual activities. Strategies beyond abstinance to exploring sexual risk avoidance techniques were presented. Additionally, participants discussed Primary and Secondary preventions using multicultural model, as well as the Possible Selves Theory and the Social Development Theory with social interaction with “more knowledgeable others (MKO).”

Students received certificates, six professional development hours, gifts, and valuable contacts for possible internship sites.