bradshawMaxine A. Bradshaw; PhD – Advisor & Chair of Psychology & Counseling

Dr. Bradshaw is a graduate of Howard University where she earned her MBA, M.Ed. in Counseling and PhD in Counseling Psychology. She has worked extensively as an Educator, Administrator and Counselor. She currently serves as a Chair of the Psychology and Counseling Department and Associate Professor of Psychology at Pillar College.

Dr. Bradshaw has fifteen-plus years of leadership in diverse work environments with increasing abilities in grant writing, staff development, negotiations, project management, and need analysis. She served as Associate Vice President of Associates in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities and Lead Counselor for the Urban Medical Center Mental Health Division. She has provided individual, couples and family counseling, as well as group therapy to survivors of domestic violence/rape; and also provided services to individuals in need of anger management, impulse control and coping/resilience skills. Dr. Bradshaw is also an international motivational speaker. Dr. Bradshaw is a Presidential Member in good standing of the American Association of Christian Counselors and a Member New Jersey Psychological Association.

hardyDr. Cheryl Clarke-Hardy, Ph.D. – Advisor

Cheryl Hardy graduated from Cornerstone University with a PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling, Master of Art in Clinical Christian Counseling and a Bachelor in Christian Counseling from Calvary Theological Seminary. Dr. Cheryl worked as a Program Supervisor for the Irvington, Orange & Passaic School Districts formally known as the Abbott Preschool Program. Dr. Cheryl was a Consultant for A Godly Women’s View blog talk radio & local cable channel.

Dr. Cheryl was a weekly Co-Host and Relationship Expert for BKS1 Radio, The (O)nly (W)omen (W)ear (H)igh (H)eels Show. (OWWHH) Dr. Cheryl was in a movie /documentary in 2014. She is an author of 2 books, the first one title: A Time to Move the second book, New You Collections NYC Walk through the Inner Journey of the Real You. She was the Interim Director of Community Programs at Irvington Family Development Center, Irvington, NJ. She has a part-time private practice in Irvington, N.J. Dr. Cheryl is an Adjunct Professor at Pillar College in Newark, NJ teaching Counseling & Psychology. Dr. Cheryl loves encouraging people, bike riding, line dancing and reading.

Novella Dorsey–Newark Activities Coordinator

Novella Dorsey earned her AA in The Administrative Arts from Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. She is currently pursuing an AA in Biblical Studies and a B.A. in Psychology and Counseling with the concentration of Marriage and Family Counselling at Pillar College. She is a certified Marriage Mentor and SYMBIS facilitator.

In her professional career, Novella was an Executive Assistant to the Directors of the International and the IT departments at Prudential. She also served as the Executive Assistant at her local church. When the need arose, Novella established the Toddler’s Ministry and served as its Director for four years. She managed teachers, volunteer staff, established the guidelines and regulations for its successful operation. Novella also worked with the youth, teen, and young adults as a mentor. She served alongside her husband on the Elder’s Board, the CORE Administrative team, and Marriage Ministry. Novella also worked as the Coordinator of Ministry Leaders.

Outside of Christ, Novella receives her greatest joy from her two daughters.

Giselle Duke– Somerset Activities Coordinator

I Giselle Duke, I live in Plainfield New Jersey with my family which includes me, my mother, cousin and my dog. I wanted a career change in my life where I enjoy what I do, assisting others and at the end of day have that feel of fulfillment. I enjoy writing, travelling and sightseeing and I spend my free time with my family and few friends.

I am a pre lead student in psychology and counseling, I enjoy pillar so much for it has broaden my ability in so many ways. What I mostly appreciate about this school is that God’s word is taught here and it is so small that each and every one us gets that individual attention, and with that is gives me the zeal that pushes me to work extremely hard towards my degree. When I am finish here I can say my career will also be valued by God.

One of my strengths is that I follow detail instructions and is very attentive to things. I also pride myself on my reputation for following through and meeting deadlines. When I set my self to do something I make sure it is done proficiently and in a timely manner.

I must say I have found my niche here at Pillar college educationally wise, a place where, not only people is value but God is, and also a place that gives a positive impact on its students.

Rebecca Doell– Somerset Secretary

Rebecca spends her days caring for her children, attending school, and working full-time. She’s had an overwhelming passion for helping others since she was a child and is preparing to put that passion into professional practice. Rebecca spent a short time in retail and then twenty years in the telecommunications industry. She managed a Customer Service department, an Engineering and Operations team, and filled her Project Management toolbox along the way. In 2014, she was accepted to Pillar College in Somerset, where she is expected to graduate with Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Counseling. After graduation, Rebecca will continue her education with a Master’s program.

Rebecca’s career change from a technical industry to psychology and social work is a natural one for her. She aims to touch lives with integrity, honesty, and acceptance. “We cannot change what has been done, but we can educate people to help move our culture away from self-medication and addictive behaviors. I want to be at the front of this movement.”

Elmartine Joseph- Newark President

Elmartine Joseph is a student at Pillar College studying Psychology & Counseling and Biblical Studies. In the past three and half years as a student at Pillar College, Elmartine has grown intellectually, professionally, socially and most of all spiritually. Pillar College has encouraged Ms. Joseph  to take the lessons learned in the classroom and apply them  in the real world. These lessons include learning how to authentically love people without judgement, learning to be compassionate and living boldly by showing the love of Christ to people in the classroom, family and church as well as homeless in the city of Newark.


Robert McCaskill– Newark Vice President

My Name is Robert S. McCaskill, I am 38 years old, happily married with 3 Children. I am a Licensed Minister in the State of NJ, I have also been employed at Hackensack University Medical Center for the past 19 years, and I am a currently a proud senior at Pillar College, Newark, NJ.

I will do my part to provide an intellectual and social setting where we can discuss all things Psychology. I am determined to initiate programs and to show the importance of attending graduate schools. We also look to establish an atmosphere where the student body can introduce their findings on specified issues and research. I purpose, to intentionally strengthen the presence of Psychology and its many benefits throughout the Pillar Colleges campuses through initiatives, forums, symposiums, etc.

Genesis Garrafa- Newark Secretary

Genesis Garrafa a student and mother of one, attends Pillar College to become a school counselor. Genesis looks forward to graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2020. Her aspiration is to obtain her Doctorate Degree within the next few years. Genesis works as an AmeriCorps member, volunteering her time and efforts to the community and to those around her. Ms. Garrafa has helped out with many important events one being helping the National Guard, organize and set up containers that have been sent out to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Genesis is also one of the coordinators of the Young Donors Club in New Roberto Clemente School in Paterson NJ. This organization recruits volunteers to help and give to the community and the families in the school. The Young Donors Club consist of 30 middle school students, whom which Genesis oversees and coordinates volunteering events for the students like their current fundraiser, which will help sex-trafficking victims in Guatemala. The Club’s statement is “Greater is to give than to receive.” To summarize Genesis is not only a mom and a student, but also a leader, and a hard worker. She is passionate about giving to others and being the helping hand you may need.

Lourdes Illa- Somerset President

When I walked in through the doors of Pillar College I found a peace within, I knew that I was in the right place. I began my classes and began to see young minds wanted to educate themselves utilize the word of God I wanted to be part of their achievement through my testimony. I began to see my generation and was proud to be among my peers. Individuals who have made the brave decision in returning to school after so many years.

I must say God was definitely in the mix when we all made that decision. I am a daughter, mother, grandmother, student and an advocate of mankind. Enjoying the blessing of my heavenly father is my best accomplishment and this will be my legacy because blessing from our heavenly father is the gift that keeps on giving.

Nicole Herbig- Somerset Vice President

In this position I hope to further my knowledge and be an inspiration to others to prove you’re never too young to chase after your dreams. Though I know I still have much to learn, I do have a lot to contribute. Psychology and Counseling is something I’ve been passionate about ever since my mother was diagnosed with a mental illness, and I am truly excited to see where the Lord leads me through this opportunity as I am able to share this passion with others.

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity” (1 Timothy 4:12).