Pillar College offers adult learners the ability to earn college credits for the knowledge and skills acquired outside of the classroom through a process called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). PLA is a process by which student’s demonstration of knowledge, skills and abilities are academically assessed and evaluated for granting college credits.

Pillar College is dedicated to evaluating students prior learning to earn both General Education (GE) and Free Elective (FE) credits through the use of PLA. The evaluation of PLA is conducted within the context of the students’ degree plans in order to determine whether college credit(s) may be awarded for learning. Students are eligible to request credit for prior learning to satisfy up to 27 GE and/or FE credits based on research demonstrated written work, i.e. sponsored and unsponsored learning.

In addition, students are eligible to earn “unlimited” amount of college credits through national examinations to fulfill GE and/or FE credits. For instance:

• CLEP – https://clep.collegeboard.org/
• DSST – https://getcollegecredit.com/
• TECEP® Exams – https://www2.tesu.edu/listalltecep.php

To schedule an appointment with the PLA Specialist, Dr. Joanne Noel, email her at [email protected],
or call PLA Office 973-803-5000, ext. 2004