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Pillar College-MOVE THE CHAINS CONFERENCE- November 14, 2019


Revenue for conference
$35 per person, before November 8th
$40 per person after November 8th
$20 for students- for conference


Training Camp is the TIME every eye is set on the vision. I remember the first day of training camp in 1985 and our leader Bill Parcell’s communication in an organization wide meeting (everyone was present from the owner to the free-agents) that the purpose for everyone being in that initial meeting was for our eyes to be set on the Super Bowl.
Well, as members of Team Jesus, we’re to set our eyes on Him. Setting our eyes, minds and actions on Jesus is the building and shaping of our character. Every gifted and talented athlete, no matter how famous or valued, gets in shape for the season.
Here is our challenge: CHARACTER DETERMINES HOW A MAN PERCEIVES THE WILL OF GOD! (Psalms 18:25-26). Pastors in the SEASONS OF OUR JOURNEYS God desires to purify our faith. You are in a position of authority and shaping your character gives us an opportunity to fulfill the LORD’S purpose of purifying our faith in relation God, others, and ourselves through plugging into the Holy Spirit’s LEADERSHIP! Move the Chains!
Topic: “Move the Chains” Winning principles to advance your leadership potential in the game of life.
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019, 10:00AM-2:00PM including lunch
Location: First Baptist Peddie Memorial Church, 572 Broad Street, Newark
Target audience:  Pastors, Youth Pastors, Christian Leaders (business leaders)
Length: 4 hours

TOPICS Include:

Training Camp

  • Honor the owner in all you do
  • Get in shape, understanding injury is possible
  • Therefore, abide in Him and you will be ready (John 15:5)
  • Build your team
  • Respect your coaches and teammates

The Game Plan

  • The Playbook
  • Understand your role – Strength and Weaknesses
  • Know your opponent
  • Always be ready for each play

The Execution

  • The Huddle
  • Know your role and carry it out with passion and excellence
  • Call an Audible if necessary
  • Hike the ball
  • Persevere

The Goal 

  • What does the scoreboard read when the zeros come on the clock?
  • Was purpose achieved?
  • What if any adjustments need to be made for our next game?