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Pillar College Convocation 2019 Highlights

Pillar College hosted its annual Fall semester kickoff festivities on Tuesday, September 17 with a Convocation Day – a ceremonial start for the new academic year. The evening began with an Open House sponsored by the Student Engagement department spotlighting many of our clubs and activities including:
Psi Chi Honor Society for Psychology students
Worship Club
Student Government Association (Formals, Retreats, Community Outreach, Chapels)
Global Learning Experience (Trips to Israel and Turkey)
Academic Resource Center for tutoring, coaching and professional development
Intramurals (Volleyball, Bowling, Basketball, Table Tennis)
(To learn more about these clubs and activities, email [email protected])
Students then enjoyed a light meal with their Cohort Communities for a time of connection with peers and advisers.
The day concluded with a Convocation Service at the Memorial Peddie Baptist Church for a time of worship, installation of Student Government Leaders and an inspiring message from Dr. Mark Harden, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the college, challenging students to “Be Strong and Courageous” in their academic journey and complete their degree to make impact in their communities.
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