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Pillar College celebrates Black History Month – Featuring

Professor Michael Wattkis has been Director of the Academic Resource Center (ARC) at Pillar College since 2015. The ARC delivers academic support — tutoring, advising, testing and coaching – to students on Pillar College campuses in Newark, Somerset and Paterson. Prof. Wattkis has been in higher education for more than 30 years and teaches writing, journalism and business communication. Mr. Wattkis’ approach to classroom instruction is shaped by the 25 years spent as a daily newspaper reporter honing his story-telling skills and his talent for writing human-interest stories. He is passionate about academic coaching and mentoring.
“Working at Pillar College has been a “missional” journey, one where the attractive trappings of a larger secular institution has been dwarfed by my desire to make a difference in the lives of students at this “Christ-centered” institution. My professional, academic and spiritual life have
been radically transformed. It is at Pillar College where my rich assortment of creative talents, from writing to teaching to community organizing, have intersected with the exciting discovery of my spiritual gifting as an encourager. Pillar College’s tagline, “Creating Transformational Leaders,” is not just a catchy promotional phrase, but a daily, living reality as I deploy my skills and gifting to help our students who are on a path of personal transformati