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Pillar College celebrates Black History Month – Featuring

Sherrie-Lynn Lilley is a playwright, life coach, mentor, speaker, minister and mother of 5 beautiful children. She is the founder of Inspire Bermuda, a charity that advocates for persons living with disabilities in her island home, and she is also the founder and owner of HEAL (Healing Emotions Affirming Life) Creative Solutions LLC.. Sherrie is gifted with a passion for walking people out of their own psychological, emotional and spiritual darkness.
“I chose Pillar College at a crossroad in my life. After living through a very personal traumatic event, while at the same time experiencing the rapid loss of the last of my sight, I found myself straddling the opposing forces of depression and destiny. Choosing destiny, I began my studies at Pillar College in January 2013.
Attending Pillar College as a Psychology/Counseling student proved to be a truly transformational experience. With a Christ-centered curriculum, incredibly knowledgeable professors, and a nurturing environment that fostered my personal, emotional and spiritual growth, I received an exceptional education, and gained a family that created a safe space for me to heal.
Today, all of my personal, professional and ministry work is an extension of my flourishing at Pillar College.” #blackhistorymonth #pillarcollege #pillarcollegecelebratesblackhistorymonth