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Pillar College celebrates Black History Month – Featuring

Dr. Ralph Grant has been successfully married for 58 years, educating three children at HBCU’s and serving the city of Newark for 25 years. He served on the Board of Trustees for Shaw University, his undergraduate alma mater, and was cited by Shaw for recruiting over 2400 students over a 13 year span.
“Pillar College chose me. After working with Dr. David Schroeder (President of Pillar College) for 11 years at Nyack College, New York City, upon his assumption of the presidency at Pillar College, I was invited to join this new venture; mainly for my previous involvement with the city of Newark. For 25 years, I was both an elected and appointed official, serving 16 years as Councilman-at-Large and 5 years as President of the legislative branch of government.
Pillar College is the missing link needed to lift the scales of ignorance from a people too long denied equal access to education; Pillar College looks beyond the academic faults and perceives the need.” #blackhistorymonth #pillarcollege #pillarcollegecelebratesblackhistorymonth