Academic Council

Amy Huber, M. Ed.
Vice President of  Academic Affairs
[email protected]
Joanne Noel, M.A., M.DIV., D.MIN.,  Ph.D (ABD)
Associate Dean of Adult & Alternative Programs
[email protected]
Tracey  Duncan, Ed.S., Ph.D., LPC, ACS
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
[email protected]
Dr. Richard Riss
Associate Dean of Traditional Programs
[email protected]

Department Chairs

Maxine Bradshaw, M.Ed., MBA., Ph.D.
Chair of Psychology & Counseling  Associate Professor of Psychology & Counseling  [email protected]
Peter Amerman, M.DIV., D.MIN.
Chair of Biblical Studies  Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies  [email protected]
Joseph Andino,  D.MIN
Director of BLEND
[email protected]
Rosette Adera, B.A., B.A., B.Ed (TESL)., M.Ed., MA., D.Mgmt.
Chair of Business Administration & Management  Assistant Professor of Business Admin & Management  [email protected]
Sharon Harden, MA
Program Director | Asst. Professor
Elementary Education
[email protected]
Dr. Brian Rawls Director of Ministry Leadership [email protected]

Faculty and Administration

Nishanth Thomas, M.DIV. 
Director of Spiritual Formation  Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
[email protected]
Shelly Bell, B.A.
Director of Pillar College Continuing Education (PACE) & Church Partnerships
[email protected]
Cindy Weaver
Executive Director of Life Enhancing Accelerated Degree (LEAD) Program
[email protected]
Michael Wattkis, MBA
Director of Academic Resource Center (ARC) [email protected]


Keith Brewer, Ph.D
Professor of Biblical Studies
Dr. Mark Chae
Professor & MAC Coordinator
Doris Dweh, Ph.D          Professor         Master’s of Counseling Program
Russ Wills, M.DIV., MFA
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Richard M. Riss, M.A., MPhil., Ph.D
Professor of History & Biblical Studies Director of  Academic Assessment
Vinell Spied,
Associate Dean of Information Services
Brian Schroeder

Regular Adjuncts

Wayne Balfour, MBA, ABD
Pearl Bates, MDIV; M.Ed;
Andrew Bennett, M.DIV
Joseph Biss, M.A., MBA
Lawrence Coven, J.D
Shirley, Edward, M.A
Cheryl Hardy, Ph.D
Hazel Hector, M.DIV
Robert Heffner, Ph.D
James Johnson, Ph. D
Ronda Oosterhoff, Ph.D
Glen Pietruski, Ph.D
David Putnam, D.LITT
Phoebe Quaynor, M.DIV, M.A
Tim Salo, Ph.D
Maria Sartori, LCSW
Ella Thompson-Suggs, MBA
Lloyd Turner, Ph.D