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Newark Women Assembly recognizes Dr. Noel

Congratulations to Dr. Joanne J. Noel, Professor of English & Associate Dean, who was honored on March 4, 2023, by the Newark Women Assembly with a Distinguished Service Recognition Award and another award in the category of Education & Mentorship Legacy Leadership. The Newark Women’s Assembly took the opportunity to highlight women’s personal achievements, talents, and contributions, which benefit the health and vitality of families, and the greater good of the community.

Dr. Noel is a first-generation college graduate who through years of study and perseverance became an educator and scholar with more than 25 years of service in higher education. During her acceptance speech, Dr. Noel commended the women who came before her on “whose shoulders she stands” including her great-great grandmother, great grandmother, grandmother, and mother.

She shared with the audience that included many accomplished politicians, academicians, clergywomen, and entrepreneurs that her numerous academic accomplishments pay homage to God’s goodness and her role as an academic leader at Pillar College is to help her students discover their superpowers so that they can tap into their gifts, calling, and abilities, scale majestic mountains, and reach their highest and fullest potential in God.

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