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Master of Arts (MA) in Ministry Leadership

The MA in Ministry Leadership Program is designed to prepare graduates for careers in a variety of settings including but not limited to:

  • Churches (pastors, educational leaders, para-church professionals, missionaries, youth leaders, teachers, worship leaders, and chaplains)
  • Chaplaincies in various communities and venues
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Social and human service agencies

The MA in Ministry Leadership Program (MAML Program) is a 48-credit, cohort-based program that offers two concentration areas:
Concentration Track A – Biblical Foundation and Concentration Track B – Organizational Leadership.

The MAML program is designed to produce academically, ethically, and spiritually competent professionals ministry leaders who are inspirational, motivational, and theologically sound. People of faith expect the leaders of their local churches to deliver a variety of diverse services, including sound preaching and teaching, organizational leadership, community services and marriage and family counseling. It is incumbent upon the church to assure that its leaders are properly educated and equipped with the content knowledge, dispositions, and research-based practices to serve with the highest level of quality, skill, and integrity.

Upon completion of the MA in Ministry Leadership Program, graduates will demonstrate, but not limited to competencies required for individual, team, and group leadership, diagnostic and prescriptive knowledge of holistic church health and ability to apply leadership principles to Christian ministries designed to strengthen communities.

MAC Program – Core Curriculum Courses

COUN 550 Counseling Skills
COUN 580 Orientation to Professional Counseling
COUN 590 Group Process and Practice

MAC Program – Biblical Counseling Courses

COUN 510 Biblical Foundations for Counseling
COUN 615 Spiritual Formation and Biblical Counseling

MAC Program – Marriage, Couple and Family Courses

COUN 620 Marriage and Family Counseling I
COUN 625 Marriage and Family Counseling II

MAML Program –Core Curriculum Courses

  • BSCM-505 Leadership for Church and Mission
  • BSCM-615 Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • BSCM-620 Community Development and Services
  • BSCM-630 Advanced Homiletics
  • BSCM-680 Field Experience


Enrollment Deposit (applied toward first semester charges)

$100                       One Time Enrollment Deposit


Tuition Rate Breakdown

$685.00                 per credit

$8,220.00             per semester = 12 credits

$16,440.00           full academic year = 24 credits


Student Fees Breakdown

$792.00                 per semester = 12 credits

$1,584                   full academic year = 24 credits


*Pillar Grants (application for grant through the Financial Aid Office

Pillar College-Undergraduate Alumni Grant         $100 per credit                  $1,200 per semester

Current Counseling Professional                               $50 per credit                    $600 per semester

Church Matching Grant                                                 up to $50 per credit         up to $600 per semester