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Laptop Loaner Program

Laptop Loaner Program Application & Agreement

Pillar College maintains a limited pool of loaner laptops requested by currently enrolled students who do not have a computer for academic use.

The laptop computer (Chromebook) and the computer charger are the property of Pillar College and are herewith being loaned to the student for purposes only for the agreement’s academic term. Students may not deface or destroy the property in any way. Inappropriate material on the laptop may result in the student losing their right to use the laptop. The equipment must be returned to the school at the end of each term or sooner if the student is discharged from school before the term.


Eligible students must be actively enrolled in credit courses at Pillar College with a minimum of 6 credits during the semester in which the equipment is being borrowed.

Liabilities and Responsibilities

Your laptop is an essential educational tool and is for educational purposes only. To utilize this laptop, you must be willing to assume all responsibility for the safety and condition of the equipment borrowed and accept the following responsibilities:

Special Note: Students must save work onto a removable device or in the cloud. No accommodation can be made for recovering data left behind on the laptop once it has been returned.

Equipment Loan Period & Return

Students can borrow the equipment until the end of the 2020-2021 school year. It must be returned by 07/31/2021. If the equipment is not returned by that time, the student will be billed for the cost of replacing the Equipment, up to a maximum of $550. When requested, or if the student withdraws from classes, the equipment must be dropped off in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) so that it can be returned to service.

Application Form

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Laptop Loaner Program

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