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Lee Rouson

Lee Rouson
 Pillar Board of Trustee
Bio: After being a part of two World Championship Superbowl winning teams with the New York Football Giants, I was one of three African-American NFL players who fought for the freedom of every NFL player, coach, owner, and fans by serving as a plaintiff in the NFL court case for free agency. This landmark victory significantly progressed the makings of equality of all nations among the NFL and influenced progression in other sports as well. In all that I do, I have the call to preach the redemptive power of Jesus Christ!
What does Pillar College mean to you? Pillar means real confidence and opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to a generation that hungers for Christ (the POWER AND AUTHORITY of God) in their mind, heart, and spirit. Serving as a Godly or positive role-model gives me the confidence and ability to encourage, engage, and equip others.
Pillar has impacted my life through the opportunity to serve its mission. I can add to the Vision that God invested in me since I was born. Now, at the age of 58, all that He has deposited of Himself in me, I can share with others and remember for myself!
I chose Pillar College because of the leadership and friends who continue to add Value to Gods Vision for Pillar and our lives!