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Introducing a New Women in Ministry Concentration at Pillar College

Pillar College is offering a new concentration under the Masters of Arts in Ministry Leadership (MAML) program that will train women leaders and those that work in this arena. The Women in Ministry concentration is geared to help women lead in ministry, corporate America and other fields.

“We’re excited about the launch of this program and excited about the prospect that it holds for every student who enrolls,” said Dr. Brian Rawls, MAML Program Chair.

Adjunct professor Dr. Kim Yancey James says that the Women in Ministry concentration, in addition to the focus on the Bible, will help more women become active participants in ministry with the support of others.

“This program is different from the Master of Divinity degree, in that the students will be hands-on ministering,” James said. “We will be looking at the Biblical text, which is so important, and studying women in the scriptures, many of whom faced the same challenges (as modern women) and how they overcame those challenges.”

The debut of this concentration coincides on this golden age for women in ministry where an increasing number of women are working as spiritual leaders. This concentration will help women leaders build a framework for them to excel in this realm. Included in this concentration is a focus on contemporary women’s issues, their impact on pastoral care, ministry of women, self-care and more.

“Women are the fastest growing group of emerging leaders anywhere. This program seeks to equip women everywhere,” said Dr. Rawls. “In fact, this program is not just for women, but any leader who knows this emerging group has to be approached and cultivated with great intensity–this Women in Ministry concentration is for you.”

This is a 48-credit, cohort-based programs that is scheduled in eight-week course rotations and integrates Judeo-Christian worldview and faith-based values in the curriculum.

Students who graduate from the program can land jobs in a variety of fields. They will be able to work in churches, serving as pastors, education leaders, teachers, and chaplains, in the non-profit sector, social and human services agencies, and church-based community services.

For more information about the program contact Dr. Brian Rawls via email at [email protected] or phone 973.803.5000 X1106.