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How You Can Graduate Early College Faster & Save Thousands

by Doug Anderson
It doesn’t take a PhD in economics to know that college is expensive. With the national average student loan debt at $39,400[1] for college graduates in 2017, the question naturally arises, “is college even worth it?”
The data gives a resounding YES! College graduates earn on average 32%, roughly $14,400, more each year than those with solely a high school diploma[2], and the earning potential increases with each degree earned.
But we’re still back at square one; college is expensive. The more important question is how can I make college more affordable?
Enter Pillar College’s Dual Enrollment Education (DEED) Program.
The DEED Program gives high school junior and seniors the opportunity to fast-track their way to a college degree while saving tens of thousands of dollars.
Dual enrollment allows high school students to take college classes before they graduate high school. Additionally, these college classes count for both their high school and college credit at a fraction of the cost of regular college tuition at four-year universities.
But it gets even better. The DEED Program allows students to enroll solely in Pillar College while they complete their first year of college. Need to be challenged more? A change of environment? A more personalized classroom experience? The DEED Program provides solutions to all of these real-life challenges.
Hear what one parent of two DEED students recently said:
I want to take a moment and say thank you for the DEED program.  This past May, both of my daughters (Bethany and Hope) graduated from the program.  It still baffles people (myself included!) when we share that Hope finished two years of high school and her freshman year of college in one year, and that Bethany finished her senior year of high school and freshman year of college in one year!  This experience has certainly impacted them deeply.  Their viewpoint and outlook on life have expanded far beyond that of typical high school students.  
We are grateful!  Hope will now finish her Associates of Business degree in one year (on a fully paid academic scholarship), prior to completing her 18th birthday!  Bethany will enter a nursing program in Tennessee, less the need for any general education classes, able to fully focus on her major at a more relaxed pace.  Thanks again for offering this program and for giving “outside-the-box” opportunities for our kids to maximize!– James P.
If you are looking for a creative way to finance your child’s education without compromising academic integrity and rigor, check out the DEED program today!
[1] Student Loan Hero, “A Look at the Shocking Student Loan Debt Statistics for 2018,” https://studentloanhero.com/student-loan-debt-statistics/.
[2] U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey.

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