Welcome Pillar College Alumni!

As an honored graduate, you are among a distinguished group of Transformational Leaders making purposeful impact in your communities and beyond.

No matter how long it’s been since you’ve graduated, or how far life’s taken you, I encourage you to stay connected.

We are excited to announce the formal relaunch of the Pillar College Alumni Association where you can network with fellow alumni and meaningfully mentor current students with your experience through professional development workshops or hosting/hiring interns and rising graduates.

Let us know what you’re doing, and consider how you can stay involved it the life of Pillar College (see our list below of ways you can stay connected)

Ways Alumni can stay connected with Pillar College

  1. Encourage a prospective student to apply or visit campus
  2. Update your contact information (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PCAlumni)
  3. Tell your story and have it displayed on the Pillar College Hall of Fame in the Newark Student Center.
  4. Pray for Pillar and our students.
  5. Wear/display Pillar clothing/paraphernalia
  6. Hire a Pillar Alumni.
  7. Be sure your local church is informed about Pillar College and ask us to send materials to display in the church.
  8. Visit our website (https://pillar.edu/ ) frequently to stay informed of new programs and events.
  9. Like and share information and events on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pillaralumni)
  10. Make a gift to the Student Support Fund: https://pillar.edu/friends-alumni/give-now/ . Every gift, regardless of size, helps.