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Pillar College celebrates Black History Month – Featuring

Fr. Samuel Davis was born to Panamanian immigrants, in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Somerset, NJ. Fr. Samuel serves as the Acting Rector at St. Simon of Cyrene Orthodox Mission in New Brunswick, NJ.
“Sadly, racism and discrimination are facts of life for many Black Americans. What makes me proud of being an alumni of Pillar College is her dedication to offering education in lower income communities. With the need of upward mobility, and Black America to become a more economically and politically competitive group in our nation, Pillar College’s commitment to diversity and education has made a great impact among Black Americans.
As part of Pillar College’s family, I look forward to the future and new efforts to further impact the communities Pillar College has called home.” #blackhistorymonth #pillarcollege #pillarcollegecelebratesblackhistorymonth