Financial Policies and Procedures-Undergraduate

Pillar College is committed to providing an excellent cost-effective education for its students. Tuition and fee rates, payable each semester, are set annually according to economic conditions within the college and industry standards.

$22,056 Annual Full Time Student Tuition (Domestic)
$30,000  Annual Full Time Student Tuition (International)*



Block Rate (12-17 credits per semester)
*Block rate is not available to LEAD, Online and Independent-study courses
International student tuition up to 15 credits maximum (includes Undergraduate International Student Semester Fee of $750)
$919 Per credit rate (11 or less; 18 or more credits per semester); all Online and Independent Study Courses are charged at per credit rate
$158 Audit rate per credit
$525 Dual Enrollment (DEED) program per course (not per credit), taken at Pillar College
$263 Dual Enrollment (DEED) program per course (not per credit), taken at local high school
$307 Developmental Courses (ESL and courses below 100 level) per credit


*For International Students Tuition Rates, click below:

International Student Admissions



Note: For the LEAD program, tuition is determined at the cohort start date and remains the same for the duration of that program. Courses taken outside of the LEAD program are charged at then current tuition rates.  Enrollment in a LEAD term financially obligates the student for the entire four class semester. General Semester Fees.  All Fees are non-refundable.


Registration Fee $105
Online Services Fee $105
Media Lab Fee $105
Student Activity Fee $35

Per Semester Totals:

Domestic Students

International students (includes health insurance fees)




ESL Only $100
Non-Degree Students  $135
New Student Enrollment Deposit
New student deposit $100.00 Non-refundable, applied toward tuition and fees.  Required to secure enrollment in upcoming classes.



Additional Charges

Application Fee $50.00 Payable upon submission of application, non-refundable
Transcript Fee $10.00 Official transcript (additional charge for expediting)
CDC Evaluation Fee $45.00 Evaluation fee for each Credit by Demonstrated Competency project for which the student applies
CDC Transfer Fee $45.00 Per credit accepted for transfer by Demonstrated Competency
Graduation Fee $100.00 Payable upon the last semester of degree completion
Returned Check Fee $35.00 Per occurrence
Books and Materials Fee $100.00 Per course for LEAD and BLEND only
Online Course Transfer Fee $50.00 For deferring start date of an online course already in session
Check Replacement Fee $35.00 To replace check sent to student lost due to change of address which the student did not report to the college


Payment of Student Accounts

All semester expenses must be paid in US currency. Students are billed for tuition based upon their registration schedule. Fees are charged according to the schedules shown above. After Financial Aid eligibility is verified, students must then pay in full any remaining balance by the first day of class, or have made the first payment of an authorized installment payment plan.  Class registration is not complete until the balance is paid or installment payments have begun.

  1. Students will not be seated for class at the beginning of a semester unless any remaining balance is paid in full or an authorized installment payment plan is in effect to satisfy the balance.
  2. If a student reneges on an installment payment plan, or if for any reason there is a balance remaining on the student’s account, Pillar will make a determination as to whether the student may continue in the semester.
  3. If a student has a balance remaining on account for any reason, Pillar may determine to withdraw the student from all courses and grant no academic credit. Should this occur, transcripts will display a WP for Withdrawn Passing or a WF for Withdrawn Failing based upon course work completed at the time of the withdrawal
  4. Should Pillar determine to allow a student to remain in class even when there is an outstanding balance on the student’s account, Pillar shall not forfeit their right to enforce these policies or make other determinations at any time.


Student Account HOLD Status:

Students who have not paid their balance in full, or who fail to maintain their payment schedule on an installment plan, may be placed on FINANCIAL HOLD. When a student’s account is in FINANCIAL HOLD status, the student will not receive grades or academic credit for classes attended, recommendation letters will not be permitted to be sent on the students behalf, transcripts will not be sent to other academic institutions, and the student will not be permitted to graduate or enroll in additional classes.

A late payment fee may be added to any unpaid balance according to the following schedule:

Balance of $100 to $1,000 Monthly Fee $25
Balance of $1,000 to $5,000 Monthly Fee $50
Balance in excess of $5,000 Monthly Fee $75

Accounts with a past due balance of 120 days may be given over to a collection agency who shall pursue all legal channels for collecting the monies owed; the student will also pay for all collection fees.

Payment Plan Options:

Students who wish to pay all or any portion of their balance on an installment basis may take advantage of a payment plan.  Payment plans must be established directly through the Pillar College Student Accounts office. All payment plans must be approved by Pillar College.

Please note:  if a student misses payments on a payment plan, the student is expected to satisfy the entire balance with Pillar College immediately. Pillar College may, at their sole discretion and without reason, deny the student’s eligibility to participate in a payment plan option.

Withdrawal of Course(s):

Refund Schedule: Students who withdraw from or drop courses are eligible for refunds of tuition according to the following schedule:

Fall/Spring Terms Week 1 – 100% Week 2 – 80% Week 3 – 50% Week 4 – 0%
BLEND Week 1 – 100% Week 2 – 80% Week 3 – 50% Week 4 – 0%
Pre-LEAD Term Week 1 – 100% Week 2 – 80% Week 3 – 0%
Any LEAD Term Week 1 – 100% Week 2 – 80% Week 3 – 50% Week 4 – 0%


Note: No tuition refunds will be issued under the LEAD program after the third week of a semester, even if classes enrolled for have not yet begun. Enrollment in any LEAD term financially obligates the student for the entire four class semester. Unlike a Traditional program, the courses in a LEAD program semester are taken one after another in a series. A student enrolls in the entire four class semester, not only the first class of the semester.

Withdrawing from or dropping classes may result in a change to a student’s Financial Aid status. Certain Federal or State grants and loans, as well as Pillar College scholarships and grants, are based upon how many credits a student is taking at any one time. If withdrawing from or dropping a class changes the student’s status from full-time to less-than-full-time, financial aid that had been credited to the student may be removed (and in most cases refunded to the government).  This may result in the student owing a balance to Pillar College for charges that previously appeared to be covered by the financial aid.

When a student receives financial aid that is for more than Pillar College is charging, in most cases the law requires Pillar College to forward those excess funds to the student in the form of a payment called a stipend. (Exceptions include VA and NJ-TAG funding, as examples.) However, if a student withdraws from classes and falls below full-time status, any money that had already been sent to the student as a stipend might have to be repaid to Pillar College immediately. This is not a Pillar College policy; this is required by the Federal Government and other granting agencies.

Important Notice: Every student should be very careful about withdrawing from or dropping classes without first considering the financial implications.