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Weather Emergency Procedures

In case of inclement weather or other emergency conditions, students, staff and faculty should consult the Pillar College website, voice mail, and/or STAR 99.1 for up to date information.  Faculty may also organize a phone chain to communicate with students.  Call 732-356-1595 or 1-800-234-9305 and press 9, the college information line, for up to date information on class cancellation.

All missed class time must be made up.  One option for making up class time is to teach a class session online, either through Moodle or by e-mail.  Relevant articles on the internet may be assigned, and a written paper may be assigned, reporting on and evaluating these articles, with proper bibliographic citations.  Such an assignment should be due that day, since it is a replacement for the day’s class time, though the assignment could be due at midnight that evening, but no later.  It is also possible to assign relevant online videos or anything on the internet of relevance to the course that may be helpful to students.

Please ask students to check their student e-mail for any new communications from you informing them of any class cancellations due to weather conditions.

Resource Requests

Resources for Pillar Faculty will be posted here as the need arises.