Dual Enrollment Education Program

Would you like to attain a NJ State High School Diploma and earn up to 30 College Credits at the same time?

Enroll in our DEED program today! The DEED (Dual Enrollment EDucation) program allows high school students (usually juniors and seniors) to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation, in a safe and caring college environment. It can also help students save both time and money.

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Who can enroll in the DEED program?

Home School Students (Juniors & Seniors)

Private School Students (Juniors & Seniors)

Public School Students (Juniors & Seniors)

Adults who have not yet earned a high school diploma

What are the benefits of the DEED program?

Students who take advantage of the DEED program find many benefits, such as: 

  • Experiencing college level academics before actually entering college.
  • Saving one year’s worth of college expenses!
  • Attending classes at a Pillar College campus where Christ is honored in the classroom and in Student Life activities.
  • Completing high school and college courses at the same time! Classes taken at Pillar College count towards a college degree and a New Jersey High School diploma.
  • Transitioning more smoothly from high school to college.
  • Accumulating college credits before entering college and graduating college early or on time.

How do I earn college credits?

Complete each course with a grade of C or higher.

Can I transfer credits from one college to another?

Each student will receive a college transcript to send to their college of choice. We are regionally accredited, however, not all credits are transferrable to other colleges and universities. The amount of transfer credits is based on the receiving institution.

Is there a limit to the number of credits I can earn?

Yes. Up to 30 credits max can be earned at the price for DEED courses, depending on schedule.

How much do DEED courses cost?

The cost is much lower than you would pay if you were taking the same courses as a matriculated college student:

  • Only $500 per course if attending class at one of our campus locations!
  • Only $250 per course if the course is offered at his or her high school!

Partnering high schools include:

  • Veritas Christian Academy – Sparta, NJ
  • American Christian School – Succasunna, NJ
  • Adirondack Christian School – Wilmington, NY
  • More coming soon!

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