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Dr. Maxine Bradshaw receives GFEL "Top 100 Leaders in Education” award

Please join us in CONGRATULATING our very own Dr. Maxine Bradshaw on receiving the prestigious Global Forum for Education & Learning – GFEL “Top 100 Leaders in Education” award  under the category Education and Mental Health.
This is a Global event with recipients from India, Africa, Europe and many other countries. Dr. Bradshaw was nominated, vetted, went through several interviews and was accepted! Excelling in each category.
Dr. Bradshaw will receive the award in December at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!!! She was also selected to be a panelist in the discussion: “Educating future ready graduates in a COVID 19 environment”.
GFELs vision and mission – “Building a community of Educational experts to discuss solutions of complex issues pertaining to education transmittal at a global level. To build a forum which brings together the brightest minds who are united by their passion for transforming the lives of people by means of education.” Click here to see GFEL’s past events:  https://www.gfel.world/past-events