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Your support ensures that Pillar College is able to continue to fulfill our mission to educate, inspire, and equip students for excellent scholarship, service, and leadership. Please know that your gift greatly impacts more than just the lives of our students; it flows beyond our campuses, and through our students, enriches every community, company, and congregation they faithfully serve.

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls; others build windmills.

Pillar College chooses windmills. We recently introduced our new vision, Windmills of Change. Through Windmills of Change, Pillar is becoming a practical college, providing more students with profitable careers, blessing communities and businesses with Christ-empowered employees.

The Windmills of Change has become the outreach focal point of Pillar College and we thank you for joining us in this important endeavor. Your financial gifts and prayers are a huge part of our efforts and success.

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