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Unsure about going away to college?

PRESS RELEASE post by Franklin Township News. Click on the link to review its original format. https://www.tapinto.net/towns/franklin-township/sections/education/articles/unsure-about-going-away-to-college-df7174b0-66df-4002-8c06-fcf275298d4b?fbclid=IwAR0dMe28lO8kKgesa6quEJHdBpjupTCoiQrVwG0GEwnT-omehUnKMyu1Hgo   Pillar College understands that many New Jersey high school graduates will not go away to college this Fall due to COVID-19. To

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Black Lives Still Matters

President David E. Schroeder, Pillar College, Newark, NJ In the summer of 2016, the killing of black youths in Minnesota and Louisiana and subsequent killing of five policemen in Dallas brought to the fore the “Black Lives

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Maxine A. Bradshaw, Ph.D., Professor and Chair Psychology and Counseling Traditional Undergraduate Program We are living in perilous times and many yearn for the return to normalcy. Can you remember when your concerns could be summed up

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