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Women History Month – Honoring Samantha Ares

Samantha is responsible for overseeing the function of Human Resources and has implemented several improvements which include restructuring and designing comprehensive HR processes and procedures and developing a performance appraisal and competencies guideline. Samantha is an active

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Women History Month – Honoring Dr. Noel

Title: Professor of English Bio: Dr. Noel is a dynamic, self-motivated, resourceful academic leader with more than 20 years of experience in teaching literature, rhetoric and composition, curriculum design and development and faculty development.   Her doctoral work

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Dr. Joanne J. Noel

Dr. Joanne J. Noel Professor of English Bio: In addition to being a Mellon Minority Undergraduate Fellow and Ralph Bunche Graduate Fellow, Dr. Noel has also received various awards and scholarships. This includes High Honors in English,

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