Bible Alive! Seeks to bring life to the learners from the life in the scriptures. The Bible is alive, and its life is radically revolutionary and contagious. Get ready! Get ready to go on a journey like none other – beginning in the earthly garden and ending in the heavenly city, with stops along the way in the exotic locations like Egypt, Palestine (Israel), Babylon (Iraq), Persia (Iran), Syria, Turkey, Greece, and Rome.

This course focuses:

·         On mastery of the Bible for personal growth and application in ministry to individuals and in groups.

·         Is for new and seasoned Christians

·         Provides a balance of academic and practical teaching

·         Provides pre-seminary level instruction and is personally and pastorally practical

Covering the Torah, the Five Books of Moses, Pre-exile History, Pre-exile Prophets, Writings, the Wisdom Literature; Teachings of Jesus, Matthew and John, Life of Jesus and the Early Church, Letters of the Apostle Paul and others.

This course is $1200 excluding books.

At the conclusion of the entire course, students may transfer their certificates “credits” for six credits at a value of $4,494, once all requirements have been fulfilled, onto a Pillar College Transcript and enroll for one of the associate or bachelor degree programs offered at Pillar.