Applied Chemistry B.S. degree
with a Concentration in Consumer Product Development

More than a STEM science degree! The B.S. in Applied Chemistry with concentration in Consumer Product Development, will have students industry-ready to meet the needs of world’s leading consumer product companies.

Students will master general, organic, analytical and surfactant chemistry, product development and the applied principles of business marketing.

  • In the laboratory, students will learn what goes into making products used for skincare, personal hygiene and oral hygiene.
  • The curriculum’s strong business component will equip students with the skills needed to be leaders, manager, or entrepreneurs in the field of Applied Chemistry
  • Students will participate in project-based learning opportunities and community engagement with non-profit and for profit organizations
  • Internship with partner consumer product manufacturers and marketers is a required component of the Applied Chemistry program; allowing students to experience actual product development

The dynamic and fundamental B.S. in Applied Chemistry can lead to numerous STEM-related careers including; academic research, forensic science, toxicology, pharmacology, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, clinical science and much more!