You will need to earn a total of 120 semester hours to receive your bachelor’s degree from Pillar College.  Your major in Christian Counseling, Biblical Studies, or Organizational Leadership will provide 48 of those credits.  Each graduating student must also meet General Education Requirements (GER).  This includes another 57 hours (12-15 semester hours of general education are included in the major).

Students who enter LEAD and lack semester hours to graduate may qualify to earn additional credit through the Credit by Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process. Students may earn up to 27 semester credit hours in PLA.

PLA credit hours can come from a number of different sources, including workshops, seminars, self-study, non-credit classes, training programs and life/work and military experiences. The College evaluates and may grant appropriate units from the student’s learning from these sources.

Students who transfer fewer than 72 credits should contact the PLA Office ([email protected]) about potential credit(s) that can be applied towards graduation.

You may pursue up to 27 credits of your degree total requirement of 120 through PLA.  You save money because PLA credits are just $90 per credit ($45 for credit applied for and $45 for faculty-approved credit earned), much less than regular college tuition. For more information, please visit:


Q: Can I earn credit for my experiences?
A: It must be emphasized that credit is earned and granted as students articulate learning and competency.  A report emphasizing experience alone (without describing the learning which took place) will not lead to credit being granted.

Q: On what level must my learning be?
A: The learning you present needs to be college level.  This is defined as satisfactory comprehension (or grade C) of a subject at the freshman level or above.  In practice, many PLA topics fall naturally in the junior/senior level of knowledge because many of the subjects are specialized and focused just as more advanced courses are in a college degree program.

Q: How do I make sure that my PLA doesn’t duplicate prior credit?
A: The College is careful to monitor your PLA requests to ensure they do not duplicate previously earned college credits.

Q: What if my learning took place a long time ago?
A: PLA topics must reflect relatively current knowledge at the college level.  Outdated subjects that are no longer applicable to current college contexts are not eligible for credit.  For example, outdated computer science training would be hard pressed to earn college credit.

Q: What proof of my learning do I need to provide?
A: PLA subjects must all include documentation which verifies the student’s actual involvement in the learning experience.  This Student Handbook will explain how to prepare this documentation.