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Pillar College recognizes that quality academic offerings come from multiple sources.

Our Office of Academic Affairs has established a range of Core-to-Core Transfer Agreements and Reverse Transfer Agreements with New Jersey community colleges, as well as select non-accredited institutions.

Pillar College Core-to-Core Transfer Agreements

Pillar College ensures that students from institutions with whom we have Core-to-Core Transfer Agreements, and who meet admissions criteria, can seamlessly transfer here.

Core-to-Core means that with the completion of an associate degree, the general education (core) requirements have already been completed upon transfer to Pillar College. Some Core-to-Core Agreements apply to all majors at Pillar College while some apply only to specific majors.

Schools with Core-to-Core Transfer Agreements to Pillar College Undergraduate Programs include:

Transfer to Pillar College Graduate Program

Transfer from Pillar College

Reverse Transfer Agreements

What is a Reverse Transfer?

Reverse transfer is the process by which transfer students enrolled at a four-year institution transfer credits back to a community college for the purpose of retroactively attaining their community college degree.

It is designed for students who have transferred to Pillar College from a two-year community college before earning their Associate’s degree.

For these students, it may be possible to complete the credits needed for an Associate’s degree by reverse transferring Pillar College credits to a community college. The community college would evaluate your Pillar College work and determine if credits taken at Pillar College would fulfill the requirements for your Associate’s degree.

Participating Reverse Transfer Community Colleges:

How Does a Reverse Transfer Work?

Pillar College transfer students may begin the process by completing a Reverse Transfer Transcript Release Form. That allows their Pillar College transcript to be sent back to their community college. The community college will evaluate the coursework to determine if degree requirements are met and if a degree shall be awarded by the community college.

Any community college degree will be awarded in the semester or year all final requirements are met.

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