Pillar CommunityThe Office of Student Life seeks to accomplish its mission through cooperative, responsive relationships, programs, services and activities.


The goal of Student Services is to provide supportive, community-oriented services to address the needs of students at Pillar College academically, spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally. Our desire is to become an ever-improving, caring, and equipping community that encourages personal and community health. To accomplish this, we practice cooperation within the community; Pillar of Fire ministries, Zarephath Christian Church, Star 99.1 Radio Station, and the Zarephath Health Center as well as a network of contacts with professional Christian counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists that work in our area. We also seek to maintain positive and mutually rewarding contact with churches, pastors, and various parachurch ministries.

Types of Service

  • Advising/Mentoring Services
  • Faculty Advisors
  • Field Mentors (through departmental internship programs)
  • Professional and/or Lay Counseling referral services
  • Tutoring services through the Pillar Instructional Resource Center
  • Graduate School and Career advice through Faculty Mentors, Department Heads, and the Coordinator of Student Life
  • Employment opportunities through such websites as www.jobweb.com and www.intercristo.com.

Method of Delivery

Most student services may be obtained in the following ways:
Consult with your Faculty Advisor, who is your best source of information. Your Faculty Advisor may assist you directly or refer you to another member of the Pillar team:

  • A faculty or staff member
  • Director of Student Life
  • Director of the Instructional Resource Center
  • Vice President of Academics
  • President of the College