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“…I leave Pillar College in confidence, knowing I am well prepared for the next step that God has planned for me. I look forward to pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work…”
Helen, B.A. in Psychology and Counseling, Class of 2014

Psychology and Counseling

The world is full of hurting people who cry out for relief from the pain of abuse, of trauma, of depression, of anxiety and so much more. Pillar College provides undergraduate training in Psychology and Counseling to help produce helpers who can make a difference in Christ’s name. Students in the Psychology and Counseling major at Pillar are provided with information and tools designed to assist them in identifying their own areas of emotional and psychological need. They are also prepared to provide leadership out in the world, whether they choose to pursue graduate work and licensure in the field of counseling or choose to help others in ways that do not require licensure. Either way, Pillar is committed to excellence in both theoretical studies as well as in building effective skills in counseling.

About the Program

Key elements of the Program

This major is designed to provide you with a basic foundation for any kind of counseling, spiritual formation, coaching, or mentoring ministry. You may choose to build on this foundation with further education and/or training specific to an area of specialization, such as pursuing a Masters or Doctoral degree that permits a student to attain state-licensure as a professional counselor. Upon successful completion of this program you will be prepared to either pursue further education or serve in a context that does not require licensure.

Key elements of the program include:

  1. Students will develop a biblical and theological framework for doing counseling with special emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit as the true Counselor who empowers those who would be effective helpers.
  2. Students will acquire the knowledge and theories that are foundational to counseling and psychology.
  3. Students will grow in their relationships with God and others.
  4. Students will cultivate strategies and skill-sets necessary to doing counseling in a variety of contexts.
  5. Students will be exposed to various therapeutic approaches to counseling with a special emphasis on Cognitive and Family Systems theories and techniques.

Psychology and Counseling Degree Requirements

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Degree requirements, click here [Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Counseling]

Concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling

Rationale: Marriages and families are a battleground today. Divorce rates remain high, even among Christians. This concentration will assist students who wish to prepare to do effective ministry with couples and families, either in the context of a local church/parachurch ministry or in preparation for graduate work in Marriage and Family counseling.

Required Courses:

  1. COUN 306: Marriage and Family Counseling
  2. COUN 307: Multicultural Counseling
  3. COUN 308: Child and Adolescent Counseling
  4. COUN 403: Human Sexuality

Chair of Psychology and Counseling

Maxine Bradshaw, Ph.D., BSc, University of the West Indies, MBA, Howard University, M.Ed., Howard University, Ph.D., Howard University

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