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The Pillar College Psychology and Counseling Club is a student organization of Pillar College supervised by the Department of Psychology and Counseling of Pillar College. The Psychology and Counseling Students of Pillar College is represented by PCC, which works in cooperation with the College. The PCC seeks to fairly represent the interests and concerns of each and every member. Its purpose is to increase the knowledge and goodwill of Psychology through positive activities and programs on behalf of its members. The PCC will act to uphold the ethical and legal standards of the field of Psychology, and build alliances with professional organizations to strengthen the Goals and Mission of PCC.

Member Eligibility: All students actively enrolled in at least one course at Pillar College are eligible for membership in the PCC and to participate in PCC activities, including voting in PCC Council elections.
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Click here for the contact list of Counseling Resources
We always recommend meeting with your Pastor first if appropriate before reaching out to a counselor. While this list of resources is neither an endorsement nor a referral by Pillar College or its Staff, we hope these resources will assist you, your friends, your church, and your community in their times of need. If you are in an emergency situation, then please dial 911.


June 2017

Current Calendar


  • Workshops (APA; Sensitivity Group Training)
  • Collaborations (SGA; Therapeutic Groups)
  • Clinical Internship & Practicum Assignments
  • State Certification (Behavioral Assistant, Behavioral Technician)

Psychology and Counseling - News and Events

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Freedom & Liberty Education Experience Date: June 19-23, 2017 Earn college credit while you travel! Visit famous historical sites  in Massachusetts! Learn about the founding of America! Tour the Mayflower II, Plimouth  Plantation, Plymouth Rock & more! Meet people from all around  the world! Travel | Explore | Have Fun  | Earn College Credit To […]

Pillar College Now Offering Master’s Degree in Counseling

NEWARK, NJ, December 1, 2016 – New Jersey State Secretary of Higher Education, Dr. Rochelle Hendricks, has informed President David E. Schroeder that Pillar College is approved to offer its first graduate degree – the Master of Arts in Counseling.  This degree program enables Pillar College graduates to pursue licensure as an NJ State Licensed […]