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“My journey at Pillar College has been rewarding academically and spiritually…I’ve gained invaluable knowledge, as I increased my relationship-building skills; my outlook on the business world has opened doors of opportunity which are advancing my career.”
Lasheita, B.A. Business Administration and Management, Class of 2013

Business Administration and Management

The mission of the Business Administration and Management program is to promote the intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth of our students and educate them in business and leadership principles to influence their non-profit/for-profit organizations, churches, professions, and cultures for the Kingdom of God.

Business Administration and Management, enterprise management, and innovative entrepreneurship are skills that both reflect the divine image in humans and advance God’s redemptive purposes in the world. The Larger Story of God includes the stories of Abraham, Joshua, Deborah, Nehemiah, and others who owned properties, oversaw construction projects, assessed situations, and made strategic decisions. Business Administration is about the faithful and wise stewardship of resources and materials and the release of creativity and energy for the promotion of human flourishing.

About the Program

Key elements of the Program

Business Administration and Management embraces a Christian worldview and encompasses the full array of organizational management and leadership curricula including introduction to business administration, marketing, management/administration, finance, strategic planning, and theories of leadership.

Key elements of the Program:

Upon completion of the BA in Business Administration and Management the student will be able to:

  1. Evaluate from a Christian world view perspective on ethical issues
    affecting management functions and its implication in organizational
    decision making.
  2. Work in teams, using critical thinking to analyze and solve problems and effectively communicate to various stakeholders in any organization.
  3. Demonstrate the use of effective written and oral business communication skills.
  4. Demonstrate synthesis of managerial concepts, Christian leadership
    principles, and theories by developing solutions to complex managerial and leadership problems.
  5. Apply technology to analyze problems, develop business analysis, and
    recommend management decisions and actionable strategies.

Students in Business Administration and Management will be mentored by faculty and field professionals for careers in churches, non-profit ministries and agencies, and for profit businesses and organizations.

The economic brinksmanship of November 2008 has made it clearer than ever that the business world needs ethical and highly trained business leaders. The 21st century cannot afford to do business as usual. This program will develop highly skilled, multi-talented individuals through an emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking, and administrative leadership.

Business Administration and Management Degree Requirements

Degree requirements, click here [Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management]

Concentration in Organizational Leadership

Rationale: There is a plethora of information and approaches to teaching Organizational Leadership but very few examine this area from a biblical integrative point of view as presented at Pillar College. Indeed, we have students from all walks of life who are associated with both for profit and Non-profit organization such as churches and who see the necessity for this type of specialized emphasis where they are able to return to these organization with the skills to facilitate the transformation process of their work places and the society in general, and to help set the ground work for others to maximize their God given abilities.

Required Courses:

  1. BUSM: Organizational Development
  2. BUSM: Project Management
  3. BUSM: Understanding the Multicultural Organization
  4. BUSM: Administrative Leadership


Concentration in Entrepreneurship

Rationale: Our society is strong because of the contribution of the Small Businesses and as such pride itself on opportunities which are given to entrepreneurs who make this possible. However over the years we have seen where a number of large businesses fell (not for a lack of brilliance, or good systems etc.); because of a lack of sound and sustainable ethical principles. Here at Pillar College, Business students learn how to have a strong Christian world view and ethical values and how to incorporate of those sound Christian values as compliments in their daily business decisions. In addition, we are convinced that this integrative approach provides a solid foundation for sustainability and it is not antithetical to the realization of individual and organizational goals and aspirations for profit and business growth

Required Courses:

  1. BUSM: Entrepreneurship
  2. BUSM: Creating Non-Profit Organizations
  3. BUSM: Managing People in a Small Business Environment
  4. BUSM: Financial Management and Raising Capital.

Chair of Business Administration & Management

Matthew Voss, B.A. Indiana Wesleyan University, M.B.A. Ball State University

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