Using technology in the classroom is not always the same as using technology to educate. The Coordinator of Academic Technology at Pillar College will strive to assist all faculty in using technology effectively to educate, inspire, and equip our students.

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PowerPoint and Visual Communication

PowerPoint is a very powerful tool for the classroom. PowerPoint is also among the most ineffective tools, largely because the tool is not used effectively. This series of articles highlights the importance of communicating with students visually rather than solely through text. An emphasis is placed on suggestions for using PowerPoint to supplement communication.

Download articles as PDF files:

Visual Communication Part I: Introduction

Visual Communication Part II: Who Are These People?

Visual Communication Part III: Hidden Meanings

Visual Communication Part IV: PowerPoint

Visual Communication Part V: PowerPoint & the Elements of Design

Visual Communication Part VI: Composition

Visual Communication Part VII: Composition

Visual Communication Part VIII: Composition (The Rule of Thirds)

Academic Tools

Introducing  Grammarly

Effective immediately, our students, faculty and staff now have free access to the services of, an automated grammar tutor and revision tool for students.

Setting up a [email protected] account is extremely easy: just copy and paste the access code ZJNaoE3TFW3XwC37 when registering a new account at , using your Pillar College email address. Once you have registered you will receive an email confirming your registration. Click on the link in the confirmation email and your will have full access to Sentenceworks for the period of the pilot at no charge.

[email protected] is an automated grammar tutor and revision tool for academic writing. A web-based application, [email protected] works one-on-one with a student to develop sentence-level writing skills, prevent plagiarism, and reinforce proper revision habits. Upload drafts of your writing assignments to [email protected] to receive immediate instructional feedback on over 100 points of grammar and double-check if all sources are properly cited!

Google Apps for Education

Your student accounts include more than just email. You may use Google Apps for Education to write papers, create slideshows, share documents, work collaboratively on projects with your classmates, create schedules to manage time effectively, and more.

Access your Google account by logging into your email at Click on the Google Apps icon toward the top/left corner of the window to access your Google Apps. If the App you are looking for is not listed, click on the “more” link.

Options for Academic Technology

Many tools are available for academic use aside from PowerPoint and Atheneo. The following list may provide strong solutions for academic needs.


Mac users most likely have Keynote already installed on your Mac. Keynote is a nice alternative to PowerPoint. The functionality is similar, but some users prefer the user interface in Keynote.

Google Drive

All students and adjunct faculty have a Google account for email. These accounts automatically provide access to Google Drive. Google Drive offers online equivalents of Microsoft Word (Google Document), Excel (Google Spreadsheet), and PowerPoint (Google Presentation). Many other apps are also available using the “Connect more apps” option. Google accounts include Google+, Blogger, Picasa, and many other useful apps. Full time faculty may not have a Pillar College Google account by default (because that would mean yet another email account to keep track of), but all faculty and staff may request an account at any time by contacting the Academic Technology department.


Prezi is another presentation tool allowing users to create nonlinear presentations. Visit for details and examples.

Other Tools to Evaluate

Evernote & Skitch


Bloom’s Taxonomy

Google for Education

Microsoft OneNote

Livescribe Smart Pen