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Social Sector Management

Master of Business Administration (Online)
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Prepare yourself for a career leading cross-cultural social service teams

Take the Reins and Lead Humanitarian, Faith-Based, or Community Organizations with an MBA Degree in Social Sector Management.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Social Sector Management provides students with the tools to lead and manage a broad range of organizations addressing unique 21st-century societal problems. This innovative 39-credit, fully-online program helps fill the need for personnel with the unique skill-set to serve organizations involved with social entrepreneurship, international humanitarian relief, church leadership, chaplains, multicultural work, environmental, healthcare, faith-based, emergency, and disaster relief. The MBA in Social Sector Management uniquely integrates an interdisciplinary specialization with components in management, humanitarian relief, trauma counseling, psychology, and organizational leadership.

Core Curriculum Courses

ACCTW560 Managerial Accounting for Nonprofits
BUSMW505 Professional Assessment & Seminar I
BUSMW520 Managing Human Service Agencies
BUSMW540 Social Entrepreneurship  (Cross Listed for MINL)
BUSMW560 Global Business and Management Operations
BUSMW605 Professional Assessment & Seminar II
BUSMW670 Integrated Project-Based Capstone III
CHHSW511 Special Topics in the Church and Social Justice
IBUSW601 Intercultural and Social Competence
MGMTW541 Human Resource Strategy and Organizational Structure
MGMTW545 Online Technology and Management
MGMTW560 Ethics for Social Services
MGMTW620 Strategic and Tactical Planning in the Social Sector

Program and Enrollment Information

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Social Sector Management program is designed as a 14-month program for the full-time student and up to two years for a part-time student. It’s formatted for accelerated learning, including an intercultural assessment, and customized training for social engagement. The entire program will be delivered fully online, through 8-week course modules. Students move through the program within a cohort learning community, taught by seasoned faculty with on-the-ground social sector industry experience. To help ensure that graduates of the program will advance to the next level in their professional careers, the program leverages an immersion-based project learning format.

The MBA in Social Sector Management Program is designed to prepare graduates for careers in a variety of settings including, but not limited to:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Humanitarian-Aid
  • Resettlement Services
  • Community and Economic Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Workforce Development
  • Healthcare
  • Varying positions in For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Social Sector Entities
  • Competitive Non-Profit
  • Agency and Business Arenas
  • Rescue Missions
  • Service Corps
  • Faith-Based Charities
  • Mission Agencies
  • National and International Emergency Management Agencies
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    Meet the Program Chair

    Dr. Clinton Parker, III., Ph.D.
    Dean, School of Leadership and Business, Assistant Professor

    60 Park Place, Suite 701
    Newark, NJ 07102